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The Dietzel Group

Inorganic Nanochemistry and Functional Inorganic Materials

The group

Pascal D. C. Dietzel studied chemistry at the University of Bonn, Germany. Subsequently, he received a PhD degree from the the University of Stuttgart, Germany, with research for his PhD thesis performed at the Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research. He worked at SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Oslo, Norway, from 2004-2011, before moving to Bergen.


Group members

PhD students

Anders Teigland

Alexander Westbye (co-supervisor, with IFE)

Master students

Amalie Ådlandsvik Skurtveit

Kristiane Myklebust Solvik

Julie Olastuen Hansen

Linnea Fensbekk


Previous group members

Postdoctoral research fellows

Mali H. Rosnes

Tim Ahnfeldt

Breogan Pato Doldan

Maria del Prado Carrion-Ramirez

Maria Gancheva

PhD students

Andrey Bezrukov

Emily MacCready

Master students

Johannes Nes Kløvning

Nuşik Gedikoğlu

Even Storheim

Jonatan de Lange Claussen